2022 Newsletter

President’s Message – Steve Bolliger

Hello everyone on Livingstone Lake. After two strange summers I am sure we are all hoping for a return to a more normal summer in 2022, allowing us to use our cottages for what they are intended… the gathering of family and friends to enjoy this very special place.

As you read through this newsletter I think you will find that your LIvingstone Lake Executive have been busy and continue to work hard on your behalf. Whether it is dealing with the ongoing issues in the gravel pit, communicating with local logging firms, keeping on top of lake health issues, connecting with other lake associations to share ideas and solutiosn to common concerns, creating our new Livingstone Lake Instagram account and website, collecting and managing lake association fees, or publishing this newsletter, I’d like to thank all the Executive for their devotion of time and energy to making these things happen.

As always, everyone on your Livingstone Lake Association Executive welcomes your feedback, questions and opinions. We are all looking forward to gathering in person on August 20th for our annual get together and AGM meeting and we hope you will join us.

2021 Newsletter

President’s Message by Brian Wiese

Hi Everyone,
I am sure that most people are glad to say goodbye to 2020. The current year did not begin as we would have liked, but better days are ahead. Your executive managed to have one in-person meeting last year and have been dealing with issues of interest and/or concern on your behalf.
Lumbering around Livingstone Lake has not been completed yet. There is still an ongoing discussion with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the logging management company regarding the future plans for the gravel pit at the corner of Laurel Road and County Road 12 (Livingstone Lake Road).